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Sunday, May 6, 2018


With over 25 years experience in the Real Estate and Construction industry, I see this as one of the most overlooked areas for homeowners having a construction project done on their home. This could include new construction, a complete renovation or just a home improvement.

During the construction, the time will come when the home owner will want to change something along the way. This could be what they think is a very small change to what is actually a very costly project. The change can be an added or modified part of the construction project - as in adding an island to the kitchen or not installing the hardwood floors that was stated in the original contract.

When making your change, always make sure that the change is explained to the Contractor "ONLY" and a "Change Order" listing the labor and materials needed for the change - along with the amount of time the change will take is written up. The change order must then be signed and dated by the Home Owner and the Contractor before the work has been started, or certain projects not to be completed. 

Never let any contractor say "We'll work it out in the end" or "It won't be that expensive" or the famous "giving the go ahead over the phone"! This could turn out to be a very expensive change at the completion of the project, if not done correctly.
Federico Filippi

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