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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Make sure you get an itemized bid before you hire a contractor

Excepting an Overall Bid from a contractor instead of an “Itemized Bid”, could be setting yourself up for a large expense at the end of the project. Some contractors will say there are many unknowns. If this is so, have the contractor show you or point out where this may occur. If they can’t show you, then move on and get another bid.
If the project is major, hire a Construction Attorney and have them look at the contract and the entire project. It could save you thousands of dollars in the end. Don’t wait until you have a problem - in the middle of the project. In California keep in mind that ANY Repairs/Construction over $500.00 - A Licensed Contractor MUST be hired to do the work. To Protect Your Interests - the Contractor must also be Bonded.

Demolition and hauling trash
Framing and finish carpentry
Electrical work
Tiling or other floor covering installations
Lighting fixtures
Drywall and painting

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